Terms & Conditions

By submitting an entry, you accept the Terms and Conditions below and agree to comply with them.

  1. The deadline of registration is 31 March 2019. Late registration shall not be accepted. Please hand in the minimum donation on or before registration deadline to secure a place in the event. Entry is on first-come, first-served basis until quota is full (entry is valid only after minimum donation is paid). Donation receipt can be sent upon confirmation of sponsors’ names.
  2. If the participants decide to withdraw from Walk & Run for Water, registration fees an donation proceeds will not be refunded under any circumstances.
  3. Participants under 12 years old by 4 May 2019 shall be accompanied by an adult to join the event. Each adult can team up with 2 children under 12 years old at maximum.
  4. Unless accompanied by an adult, participants aging 13-17 on or before 5 May 2019 should submit the parents or guardian consent form on or before 31 March 2019.
  5. The Organizer upholds the right to limit or reject enrollment.
  6. Category Walk for Water does not have ranking or prizes.
  7. Participants of category Walk for Water will have souvenir and e-cert upon walk completion.
  8. Participants shall not dispose trash or unload water along the route. Once violated, the Organizer upholds the right to not distribute e-cert and souvenir to that participant.
  9. Participation on “AVEDA Walk & Run for Water 2019”should be done voluntarily. The Organizer and all its sponsors, promoters, supporters, and all other contributors will not be responsible for any accident of whatever kind, resulting in death or injury, and/or any damage, loss or destruction of personal properties participants may suffer in this event from any cause whatsoever, including negligence.
  10. Group Public Accident and Public liability insurance is covered by the Organizer. This does not include personal accident insurance. We recommend all participants to purchase your own personal accident insurance and other relevant insurance according to your needs.
  11. Participants will be disqualified and asked to leave the race route if he/she carries substances which are dangerous or may impede the progress of the activity (e.g. offensive weapons, inflammable or explosive substances) within the race area.
  12. The Organizer reserves the right to adjust the race route before and during the race without prior notice for unexpected road conditions. The race may be temporarily suspended in case of any emergency situation for life-saving purposes. In case of emergency situation, participants should follow the instructions of onsite event staff or law enforcement officers.
  13. The Organizer will cancel the Event if tropical cyclone warning signal no.3 or above, or if a red or black rainstorm signal is hoisted by the Hong Kong Observatory at 6am. Participants will receive the cancellation notice via SMS at 6:30am.
  14. The Organizer may cancel or suspend the event if tropical cyclone warning signal no.3 or above, or if a red or black rainstorm signal is hoisted by the Hong Kong Observatory during the event period. Please seek safe shelter and follow updates on broadcast and social media platform of the Organizer.
  15. Should the event be cancelled due to weather or any other circumstances beyond the control of the Organizer, no refund will be made nor the event rescheduled.
  16. By registering, you grant the Organizer the right to use photographs, sounds, video or any record of the event for future promotional purpose.
  17. The Organizer reserves the right to revise all the above terms and conditions at any time without further notice. In case of any dispute, the decision of the Organizer should be final.
  18. In case of discrepancies between the English and the Chinese versions, the Chinese version shall prevail.