Family Run For Water

Meaningful weekend event

Spend a lovely morning with your family

Run as a family

Unite the family and run towards the same goal

Finisher Medal and e-cert

All finisher will be awarded a finisher medal and e-cert

Group Details

* Each adult over 18 can join with 2 children under 12



Finisher Award
All finishers will be awarded a finisher medal, souvenir and e-cert.
Race Award
First 10 teams with the best result will be awarded

*Team finishing time will be determined by the last finisher in the team

Fundraising Award
The 3 teams in each category with highest donation amount will be awarded (Deadline: 30 Apr 18:00)

Event Pack

1. Event T-shirt^
^ To be eco-friendly, we have the option for “no race t-shirt” on the registration form. Sizes of T-shirt are available on first-come, first-serve basis.
2. Event card with lucky draw ticket
Enter our lucky draw to win a great prize!
3. Bib with Baggage tag